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Jason In:Key (Studio Culture, au) : Drum & Bass Mix : March 2022

Written by on February 28, 2022

Enjoy a selection of forthcoming drum & bass releases with a few pieces of vinyl, from my collection, thrown in for good measure! There’s a few dubs in there too, so keep your ears listening!!

#defaultrecordings #shogunaudio #smoothngroove #fokuzrecordings #soulflex #northtownrecords #audioentropy #drumpusher

Monrroe – You Got Me (Ft. Alexa Harley) (Shogun Audio) VINYL
Jazzinspired – Lit It Show (Smooth n Groove)
Alpha Rhythm & Sub:liminal – Hidden Thoughts (Ft. Sydney) (Fokuz Rec) VINYL
Near Edge – Elusive (DUB)
Lesus – Feelings (Soulflex Digital)
BOTB – Rollercoaster (Ft. Formless) (North Town Records)
Wobbles – Plot Twist (North Town Records)
Jazzinspired – My Block (Smooth n Groove)
Jackie Mittoo – Wall Street (pCon’s Jungle Dub AKA Tommo’s Special Request) (DUB)
BOTB – Cut to the chase (North Town Records)
Dash – Green Lights (Default Recordings)
Kaiser Chief’s – Riot (KenKei Bootleg) (DUB)
Dash – Right Time (Default Recordings)
Deep Field – The Jellyfish (North Town Records)
Dash – Pure (Default Recordings)
Calyx & Teebee – Pure Gold (Ft. Kemo) (Ram Records) VINYL
Vilen – Visions Of Sound (DUB)
Ed Rush & Optical – Function (V-Recordings) VINYL
BOTB – Telling Myself (North Town Records)
Entropy – Suspence (Audio Entropy)
Melinki & Philth – Vespa (Fokuz Recordings) VINYL
Entropy – The Ether (Audio Entropy)
H20 DnB – Rage (Drum Pusher)
H20 DnB Nuke – Animalistic (Drum Pusher)
I SED – Wild Sauce (DUB)

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